Great Divide Race June 2005

Day 10

I Make A Decision


I get up early having had more sleep in the last 24 hours than most of the previous week. I check myself over and with a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach know that the race is over for me. There has been no improvement and although my heart desperately wants to go on my mind tells me to go home. I quit nearly 1000 miles into the race.

I pack up and walk across the road, it is cold. I wait patiently and occasionally stick my thumb out at passing pickups and begin the long haul home. The consolation is that I know a little bit more about myself.

Odds And Ends

Over the next couple of weeks the race draws to a conclusion. Matt wins after Pete pulls out. Brad and Trish make it to Mexico as does Kent. Scott abandons with extreme numbness to his hands. Pete was riding hard in terrible headwinds to get the record, he reached a point of exhaustion when he could hardly turn the pedals. His comment after was that he would just have to go back and try again.

As I write this in November I'm pretty much recovered. After the race ended I learned a lot about nerve damage and recovery times. It was a scary experience, more scary than the bears and the thing that bugs me is that I don't know what was wrong with my bike set up. Doing this race is a big commitment, I wouldn't want the same thing to happen again. I won't be doing the GDR in 2006, I have plans to be somewhere where the bears will be asleep under the snow.


Adventure Cycling for maps of the GDR and other big rides in the US.

This article originally appeared in issue X of Singletrack magazine.


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I'd like to thank Endura for supplying me with what I think are the most comfortable and durable shorts and leggings available. Montane for supplying me with two great jackets that kept the hailstones and morning chill at bay.

And finally Polaris for the bright orange shirts that scared all the wildlife away!